Laundry Management

Reliable and Accountable Laundry Management Solutions

We will work with you to set standards and schedules that meet the requirements of the resident mix at your facility.

Our staff are dedicated to an on-time, fresh and clean laundry delivery system. Our work systems and processes all meet the strict conditions of AS/NZS 4146 : 2000 standards.

Our process tracks personal garments from the time of arrival to delivery back to the residents’ rooms. Our strict sorting protocols ensure that colours, whites and woollens are washed separately.

We use the latest distribution and collection systems, and provide advice to help our clients streamline manual handling and safeguard against any WH&S issues, thus reducing costs.

Our staff are trained by professionals with more than 30 years’ experience in laundry operations.

Our services will help you to reduce costs, and improve the quality and life of laundered garments.