Food Services

Delicious, Nutritious & Tasty Meals - prepared fresh daily by our team of highly experienced trade qualified chefs .

We only use the fruit and vegetables that are in season and are of high visual and taste appeal.

Our meat, poultry and seafood, we use high quality and lean cuts.

Our accredited suppliers are set pre-arranged specifications and will provide us product which fits this standard.

Catering Industries’ food preparation and menu planning process is in adherence with the National Health & Medical Research Council.

Our menus are created by our Michelin Star Trained Group Executive Chef and our in-house Clinical Nutritionist, with each target audience in mind. All menus are nutritionally balanced and approved by our consultant dieticians.

We also hold regular menu review meetings with our specific user groups to gain feedback which is used in redefining menu variety and choices.

Our Function Menus are created with flair and style and match any five star service available in today’s market.