Food Safety & WHS

Catering Industries takes a serious approach to food safety. We operate an accredited Workplace Health & Safety Program to AS/NZS 4801 : 2001.


We operate under an accredited food safety system which is site specific for service, delivery and demographic. We are licenced by the NSW Food Authority and are subject to unannounced audits from the NSWFA, local councils and the Aged Care Accreditation Agency.

We enjoy an impressive reputation when it comes to compliance, where in our entire history, have never received an audit failure resulting in sanctions for our clients – or putting their reputation or funding at risk.


It is our top priority to assure our clients that all personnel on-site are employed in a healthy and safe workplace. We are committed to providing and ensuring our employees, contractors and visitors have a safe and healthy workplace by complying with all relevant Occupational and Work Health and Safety Legislation.

This provides assurance to our clients and their employees, as well as our stakeholders, that the ongoing health and safety of their workplace and environment, in which we deliver services, is our top priority.

Catering Industries has an overall goal of “NIL HARM ACROSS ALL SITES” which has driven the development and implementation of our industry leading Safety Management System.

DOWNLOAD: AS/NZS 4801 Certificate


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